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Since 2002, Synergym has been continuously offering professional training programmes and participating in local & overseas activities, including “13th World Gymnaestrada” (Austria, 2007/Finland, 2015), “Prime International Invitational Gymnastics Competition” (Singapore, since 2008), “3rd Cheerleading Asia International Open Championships” (Japan, 2009).

The programmes of Gymnastics varies from recreational to competitive levels for kids aged 5 & above. Other courses for aged 3 & above include Cheerleading and Sport Climbing.

SynerGym attained a lot of achievements. Look at Our Achievements’ Page to find them out!


Gymnastics is seen as the fundamental of most sports as every little muscle of the body is exercised and stretched.

The quality of coaches and equipments makes a difference for the classes. Let’s tumble on our SPIETH gymnastics floor with our professional coaches!

√ Integrated with Kidnetic Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme


Cheerleading involves jumps, dance, arm motions, tumbling, stunts and pyramids, cheer and team-building games. Kids’ cheerleading begins at the age of 3.


Rhythmic gymnastics combines elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance. Gymnasts perform a floor routine accompanied by music, and may use apparatus such as a ball, rope, hoop, ribbon or clubs. This sport requires grace and flexibility, and develops a child’s artistry, musicality and performance. Course available for kids aged 3 & above.

  • Years Old 4.5 +
  • Class Size 10
  • Class Duration 1.5 hour +
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